Mitchell Verhelle

Perlin Noise Project on GitHub

With my teammates, Yacqub Mohamed and Harriet Kumah, we successfully developed an interactive 3D Perlin Noise generator. This dynamic tool renders a detailed three-dimensional terrain, granting users the flexibility to explore it from various perspectives. Users can artistically color the noise, simulating landscapes ranging from intricate river systems and towering mountains to the fiery contours of a volcano. One can even craft unique noise patterns by either sketching directly on the screen or entering a specific seed value. A standout feature of our project is the ability to mutate the noise in real-time, which offers a mesmerizing simulation of evolving environments.

Alzheimer's and AI: Optimizing the Walk Down Memory Lane

Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder that affects memory, thinking, and behavior, often making daily tasks challenging for those diagnosed. In partnership with Dr. Nozomi Nishimura from Cornell University, I crafted and delivered a presentation for the STEMinist movement, spotlighting the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in the early detection and preventive approaches to Alzheimer's Disease. This session attracted over 50 attendees at the live event, complete with an engaging workshop. My grandparents both had dementia, making it a deeply personal journey for me to study and share insights on the convergence of technology and this crucial medical field. Through this endeavor, I was privileged to not only further my knowledge but also spread awareness about Alzheimer's Disease.



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